What diseases can be diagnosed with Nuclear medicine?

With more than 18 million NM procedures performed in US every year and as many procedures carried out in the rest of the world, we need to know how patients can benefit from it, too.

There are plethora of diseases that can be diagnosed with nuclear medicine. First it can identify abnormalities deeper in the body without invasive procedures like surgery. Second, it can determine whether certain organs function as they should. Think about your heart. Using NM, it can be identified whether your heart pumps blood adequately, whether enough quantities of blood are delivered to the bran and whether the cells of the brain are functioning normally.

diseasesIt can determine what is the damage to the heart following a heart attack.

Going down in the body, some of the normal diagnosis are whether the kidneys are doing their work as they are supposed to, whether the stomach is emptying properly, how are the lungs functioning, and whether the bone density is in the normal range. It is amazing that NM can detect even the smallest bone fractures that cannot be detected using x-rays.

If patients have recently underwent transplantations, NM can determine whether the transplanted organs are functioning well.

It has it place in the cancer diagnoses, too. NM can be used to find cancers and determine whether or not they are responding to the current treatment.

Another field in which NM can help are Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy by identifying the sites of these diseases.

Apart from diagnosis, NM can also TREAT certain diseases. For example, hyperthyroidism is treated with radioactive iodine every year. It can successfully treat certain kinds of cancers and bone pain that is result from cancer.


FREQUENCY OF NM procedures

NM procedures can be performed several times a year depending on the disease and treatment. To determine what is right for you, you should consult your medical professional.

NM is safe and effective for diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. If you are unsure whether or not the treatment is right for you, get a second professional opinion from another doctor.

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