When your profession and sport passion collide

Is your job helping you with your sport passion or it is an obstacle? Have you ever asked yourself whether it helps or not? Does being a doctor helps you be a good crossfitter or prevents you from giving the sport your all? We asked around and the answers surprised us.

There are a lot of doctors practicing different sports. Some of them practice really intense. Training 5-6 times a week, really intensely. So, they are big advocates of Crossfit training.

However, their job constantly reminds them just how important It is to keep yourself injury-free. Many centers ask about your medical history and custom –tailor your workouts to your medical history.

This is huge. It is really important not to disregard your old aches and pains but embrace them and not push yourself too much in the wrong direction.


Sometimes the little things matter. Let us give you few tips for practicing safely:

  1. Don’t go all in from the beginning. Start slowly and build upon that. This is especially important if you are over 40 and haven’t trained for a while. Just SCALE. Slowly build up. Pay attention to how you feel at the particular workout and make sure that your training matches your fitness level. The good gyms offer different programs for different fitness levels so you can feel comfortable and don’t injure yourself trying to do too many new things at once.
  2. Be realistic with yourself. Crossfit may challenge you. It might push you to outjump your buddy. However, if you want to stay injury free, be realistic with what you can and what you cannot do.
  3. If you get hurt, care about your injury and be patient. Consult with your doctors, even get a scan if you have to. And don’t rush with getting back faster than you have to. Some injuries need time to heal properly. Of course, we don’t advise you to stay at home forever, just as much as needed. For example you can get a pair of CrossFit gloves if your hands blister too much. You will be able to train as much as your body allows, and at the same time don’t deal with the irritation of your hands. Gloves are not only for women. Many crossfitters wear them and feel good about it. At least you can try and see if that works for you!

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