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PET/MR can effectively diagnose cause of unclear foot pain

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The March 2015 study in the journal of Nuclear medicine concluded that a single scan can diagnose cause of pain in the foot much better and using less radiation than other known methods. The information provided by the PET/MR scanning is much more reliable than that of a PET/CT scan.

Foot pain is quite irritating and sadly, quite common problem. Orthopedic surgeons have to use multiple imaging techniques to precisely diagnose the root cause. There was no single method of detection of wider range of causes. Up until now.


The development of technology helped combine two very important and quite different imaging tools PET and MR. Together they can diagnose wide range of foot problems. Positron emission tomography (PET) is highly sensitive tool but lacks good detection of metabolically active benign bone disease. On the other hand, MR provides excellent details in soft tissue imaging. When combined detect very wide range of foot pathologies.

There are many industries where foot pain is very common. Finding an efficient diagnostic tool to detect the root cause of the unclear foot pain is a great leap in medicine. This is the answer of a problem was pending for a long time, waiting for a solution.

Often times patients have to endure their whole shift standing on their feet all day, day after day. In many of these cases the employees are working outside, wearing heavy insulated safety boots like these. While the boots do an excellent job at protecting the workers feet in the demanding conditions, still the additional strain on their feet takes its toll.

It is good news that thanks to innovation like these many cases of unclear pain in feet are finally demystified without having the patients exposed too much radiation. The innovations in today’s medical practice do add a new dimension to diagnosis, by changing the way where common diseases are found and treated. This ensures that the patients will receive the best medical and health care possible without many of the damaging side effect of the older technology.

For more information about the study, check the current and archived edition of the journal of nuclear medicine online here.